Download Tips

How Will Your Downloads be Accessible to You?

Your downloads will be sent to you via email when your payment has been completed. You can also gain access to your downloads through your account if you chose to create one (highly recommended).

How to Download Your Purchased Files to Your Mobile Devices

It is very easy to download files to your mobile device, with Android devices it is as simple as accessing your file, tapping the link, going to Apps> My Files> Download folder or Download History and you will see the file.

With iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad you will need to use a File Manager app.

We have full simple instructions for using a free app listed below:

Step 1. Get Documents App from your app store.

The FREE Documents App is a very good file manager and media player all in one and is highly rated.

Step 2. Open the App


Step 3. Open the Browser

Step 4. Access your email or personal account by putting the URL in the Documents browser, once in your account tap the link for your purchased download.

Step 5. Select the folder within the app that you want your file to sit in and tap done.

Step 6. The downloaded file will show progress and confirmation.

Step 7. The file is now stored on your device and is easily accessible and ready to play through your app at any time. Tap the folder you downloaded your file to, tap your file, listen or watch via the built in media player.


Thats it!!!:)

You can use any file manager with media player there are many apps both free and paid for on the market. Now you know the mechanics of what to do, try out different apps and what works for you.

Another great thing we found with Documents App is when you connect your phone to your laptop, you can click and drag your files into iTunes if you wish.

Laptops and Desktops

The download process is the most easiest on a laptop or desktop as once you go into your account or email and click the download link the file will be downloaded immediately.

I hope this helps and enjoy your download, if you experience difficulties please click the support button and we’ll be happy to assist you where we can.

God bless x