Favorite Psalms Vol. 1 (Full Collection) MP3 Download

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The first volume of Favorite Psalms, The Word of God read over a light background of the beach and the tropical rainforest.

A must listen for those who like to hear the Word of God as well as read it.

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Listen to a Snippet of Each Psalm in the Collection

The Words That I Speak – Favorite Psalms Vol.1

Copyright (c) 2017 M. Mclarty

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Favorite Psalms Vol. 1 Audio Bible Scriptures

A quick word from MichMich:

When I was working on this recording project I had one single desire and that was, may we hear the word of God and ‘remember’ The LORD our God in every situation and area of our lives.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with life especially when there is a shift and things are not comfortable. However, let us be reminded of the things that God has done in times past, be confident in Him, in what He has already done and is in the process of being manifested in our today and our tomorrow.

Let us be confident as His children that His thoughts towards us are good and not evil, as we transition, transform and grow through our process on the way to fulfilling His purpose for our lives, His Kingdom and to bring glory to His name. 

And so, I’ve put together a collection of 15 readings in the hope that when you listen to God’s Word, you are encouraged, comforted, empowered, fed, corrected, guided, enriched and most of all you ‘remember’ The LORD our God who can do all things and nothing is too difficult for Him. He Loves you with an everlasting Love and He’s got your back. 

May these scriptures bless you greatly. 


MichMich xxx